Batman : A Telltale Series : Ep1

YouTube: Let’s Play – Batman 2016

Foregoing the mechanics we where used to in the arkham series or any previous batman game infact this game makes use of decision based dialogue which changes the story as you go and quick time events, but do not fret when hearing that as i usually would myself but i will be honest that for the first time i found timed events pretty fun, simple, intuitive, you would need to press in the direction that feels most natural usually meaning you where already prepped and read for the next button except when the odd shift and Q came into play, but still gave plenty of time to get it right.

The art style actually really works for this, I usually feel this time of style is best kept to comics butit grew on me in this game pretty quickly, although once in a while they feel wooden in movementand the odd time a character felt a little… shall we say anatomically incorrect (show bruces neck in batcave) I quickly got over all that to appreciate its charm and enjoy something fresh and different (for me) using one of mine and many peoples favourite brooding vigilante.

I liked the fact you can choose a colour for the bat tech at the start too, a small touch but something that can help to appeal visually even more to the individual, now just a few more batsuits and were in business haha but now its a sweet looking game and unlike games like borderlands I played it through without the motion sickness problem i had with that.

So good that i actually played it twice back to back to try out a few different path choices and the next day even my fiance wanted to get into it and give it a go aswell.

Both the paths i took when playing through the first 2 times showed 2 very different sides to bruce wayne and batman but both still felt very in tune with different versions of the caped crusader we have seen in the comics for a long time, going from what feels like a good cop batman to the sadistic bad cop batman we have seen pop up from time to time especially in frank millers batman, at one point choosing whether to simply get the information you need and move on or break the criminals arms so that he will “never hold a gun steady again” and even his detective work gets dark quick when he has to
use a device to remove a bullet from the skull of a dead body in all its close up and slowly paced moment, guess even batman has to get his hands dirty when needed, but i liked the tone, it certainly doesnt feel like its made for kids, with swearing a plenty again which isn’t something that is going to offend myself, but a few parents might feel differently but thats for them to judge not me.

With episode 2 being released in just 4 weeks and the further episodes coming every 4 to 6 weeks makes me pretty happy only £18.99 aswell and includes all future content DLC which honestly feels like its only sale for what you get

But i will say it now… i cant get over the fact that bruce wayne looks just a little like Archer from the animated series of the same name but I wont hold that against them because I love it haha.

9/10 – Losing just 1 point due to bugs and lag it can easily redeem this with an update although the latest didnt do much.



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