E3 Conference 2016 – EA

-Electronic Arts-

The E3 conference this year kicked off with EA, known for bringing us such titles as Battlefront 2016 and FIFA and various other sports titles aswell as the Battlefield games from DICE, this year unvieled whats in store from them in the next coming year, its started off with

Titanfall 2 : Trailer

Release date October 28th
Although i was never personally impressed with the first game I have heard good things about the sequel, although they didnt give too much away as they went straight onto talking about….

Madden 17 : Trailer

Here they mostly talked about how they wanted to make it easier for players to created and run their own events, that only a select few get to become Pro Gamers but they wanted to change that using Premier and EA major events, the best gamers playing for the biggest prizes, starting with the Madden NFL championship soon.

Mass Effect ANDROMEDA : Trailer

Which looked really nice, as did the last game, but they mostly talked about the backstory to the game and didn’t have too much to add ontop of that yet other than the aim… “to build a new home for humanity”


they then went onto tell us how there will be more demos on ORIGIN to give people the chance to try games before buying them, which i am pretty happy about seeing as i personally rely on friends or even torrents in the past to try a game for an hour or two before buying it, we have all had times where we have spent a good amount on a game only to find we barely touch it after the first day or two, all good news.

FIFA 17 : Trailer

Here they used some time to show off how far FIFA has come since the 90s which if im honest felt like an attempt to excuse the fact that almost every year now we get a copy and paste verison of most sports games which minor tweaks and team edits that could easily be done with an update for the prevous game, ofcourse seeing how far its come since the 90s was fun but by the time it hit the footage of the later 2000s it was pretty much a blur of the same looking game, but none the less im sure FIFA fans will be excited, i enjoy them myself i just dont buy them yearly anymore.

Fe : Trailer
Next was a short ramble about how everyone loved unravel and how it stole our hearts… proving my heart must be stone, but during it they talked about how EA want the money to be going back to developers to continue making games like this, which didn’t make too much sense because that is how it should already be, and EA have been mocked in the past for being extremely greedy so telling gamers that they are going to do something they should have already been doing isn’t exactly a “thank you EA” moment is it, but none the less I do hope this turns out to be true. The developer then came out to us a little about Fe a small swedish company of about only 20 people.

“at its heart (fe) is a personal narrative about our relationship with nature, its a game without words”

It was nice to actually see a clear presentation by a developer themselves of something new, an EA original game as it was put.

Star Wars Games : Video Clip

So soon? that’s right, they are already talking about the next installment of the battlefront series along and how they are listening to fans and adding content that we wanted like stuff from the new films, then in 2018 a new action adventure game from Viseral Games creating a new star wars game with new characters, the another from Respawn Entertainment who are exploring their own adventure in a first person action adventure game.

Battlefield ONE : Trailer

As most have already seen the new game takes place during World War One and looks really interesting, many fans have been asking for a revisit to the past rather than moving forward into the future which we can find many a game like that on the sci-fi first person genre shelf at our local store and now battlefield is one of the few games left sticking to the old is new to us feel, I personally am really looking forward to the new game, which aswell as featuring alot of game mechanics we battlefield players are already used to has added more mechanics to make it more fun, aswell as the ability to take down tanks and such with the power of numbers, working as a team which is what i enjoy about battlefield with the right people playing, it can be a fun immersive game.

And that was it for the EA conference, alot more footage of the games themselves especially Battlefield as shown here link

EA – Sunday, June 12th – 9pm BST

Bethesda – Monday, June 13th – 3am BST

Microsoft – Monday, June 13th – 5:30pm BST

PC Gaming Show – Monday, June 13th – 8pm BST

Ubisoft – Monday, June 13th – 9pm BST

Sony – Tuesday, June 14th – 2am BST

Nintendo – Tuesday, June 14th – 5pm BST


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