Just Cause 3

YouTube: Let’s Play – Just Cause 3

Just cause 3 was much better than i was expecting, after playing just cause 2 and enjoying it a little i was worried the controls would still be as bad as the previous game but it seems its come a long way since the second game, the controls are much more fluid and less sudden, aiming can still be a problem when playing with a controller but a mouse soon sorts that out if you are playing on PC for the big shoot out sections of the game, i found myself getting into it straight from the intro credits and the awesome remix of the prodigy song firestarter

( found here : Torre Florim – Firestarter )
What follows is a quick action hero style beginning, stocking up on weapons like you are arnold schwarzenegger in Commando and leaping out of the plane onto the roof to watch the just cause 3 titles crumble along the wing and you are left to take out anti-air guns with a rocket launcher, what more could you ask for from the very start of a game, it slowly comes together the story but ill let you watch the video or try the game for yourself to find out more about where that road goes.

You will find yourself getting sidetrack with the various game mechanics from tying people to lamp posts by arms and legs and playing skiprope with their body to attaching enemies to fuel tanks and shooting them to see it fly the enemy to his fire filled skyhigh doom, attaching pedestrian cars together and watching them glitch around until theyre a spinning fireball brings plenty of fun, it takes you seconds to get airborn using the grapple and parachute combo then throw in the wingsuit and you are set for free flowing fun.

With an amazing soundtrack throughout including tracks from the likes of Black Pistol Fire and Kasabian the game will keep the tempo going to fit the scenario every corner your turn, also featuring the voice of David Tennant who most know from the likes of Doctor Who provides the voice you hear over the radio at times in the background also.

I had heard about performance problems but even on highest settings on PC it ran just fine, the graphics are ok but could do with a little more realism and less saturation, adding mods to the game like the Booster mod makes the game even more fun aswell.

8/10 – The game itself is fun, although the missions can get tedious after a while you will spend most your time slowing things down just to find ingenous ways to kill enemies with the grapple and world items around you instead of using your gun.



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