DOOM – 2016

YouTube: Let’s Play – DOOM


The lastest release of DOOM was quite a nice little surprise, i originally planned on just making a 10 minutes video for YouTube and then coming back to it at somepoint but i couldnt put it down for a good hour or two and even when i did it was only due to already having a 36 hours marathon of gaming, but im already eager to get back to it, if you are a fan of run and gun games with wave style battles or are a fan of zombie games such as Killing Floor then you may also enjoy this, less of the katana hammer action but im pretty sure theres a chainsaw in there somewhere i just have’nt come across yet but give it time.

The game for me on PC seemed extremely smooth at 1080p on ultra maxed out settings, i had heard that alot of people felt the game was buggy and sure a few things need ironing out, im pretty sure i missed about 10 shotgun blasts at almost point blank range at one point but i always resorted to pistol headshots after a while for easier kills, that and running into exploding barrels kicking them into the path of the enemy before blowing them up in a rain of exploding terror, i’ve not tested the online yet but im more intruiged by the story at the moment, it reminds me of how i felt when playing Wolfenstein New Order for the first time another game that surprised me and had me wanting to delve in the story right away.

The game looks really nice, the mechanics are pretty smooth apart from the odd weapon seeming almost useless and body shots on most enemies seem to do little to no good and i resort to headshots or attacking them with melee which almost always seems like a one hit kill, but overall im enjoying the game alot.

7/10 – I may revise this score once ive completed the game and really got a feel for the overall story, also if they bring in a few updates to make all the weapons seem as deadly as they appear.




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