Undertale ♥

YouTube: Let’s Play – Undertale

Like SUPERHOT this game kinda came out of nowhere for me, a friend mentioned it and at first glance i didnt think it would be for me as im not always a huge fan of RPG style games, but pretty quickly i realised that this was going to be another “to the moon” style game which ill be reviewing soon and it had me gripped from the very start.

Slowly as the game progressed i found myself wanting to finish it just so i could play it again to see if there where different paths to take and after the second go round want another.. and another, the music is very well suited to the game the characters are fun, dark, quirky, they all fall into place perfectly and can have some very light happy tones along with some very dark dark ones too.

10/10 – Even if its not your usual type of game, try it you wont be disappointed, oh and give my regards to Flowey while you’re there. flowey_by_thedoublen-d9idzo9



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