Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Arcade Game

YouTube: Let’s Play – TMNT Arcade Game

This was always a little favourite of mine, i remember going away with the family to a place called Pontins here in the UK and i must have spent a fortune throwing money into it, see the Teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade game was special, unlike the console ports we could play at home it had much more varied and bright colour palette and felt alot more responsive with the frame rate being much higher, like alot of people i would find myself at the machine for a good hour or so with 3 complete strangers living out our little footsoldier fighting fantasy, it was the kind of game that when a kid came up and pressed start using up some of your credits you just said to yourself “ok, lets do this” it brought kids together in the arcade which wasn’t really seen much until the Nintendo64 came out with 4 ports and alot more 4 playerslot multiplayer games, that was the fun of the arcade i guess. I remember always going straight for Donatello even though i never really liked him much as a kid from the cartoons, but in most games he always had the biggest weapons and the longest reach (careful ladies) yep be was the BBC of turtles gaming and the go to guy if you wanted to last longer than the other characters.

10/10 – for its times it was a classic, fun to play smooth and satisfying to the end.



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