YouTube: Let’s Play – Superhot

Superhot was a nice little surprise, i remember coming across the alpha or beta a good year or so back and enjoying it but the finished game is a nice change from the typical first person shooter and even makes bullet time physics feel fun again, also to my pleasant surprise it had a nice little story to go with it that actually got me really intruiged when playing, usually i save single player and campaigns for when i have no internet but this like undertale had me playing from start to finish despite being able to play my usually online favourites, part of the story taking place in an old Dos style chat room between you and a friend who tells you about this game “superhot” and before you know it your glued.

Time only moves when you do (almost atleast) and you will die a few times from an unsuspecting bad guy spawning behind you popping from behind a wall but once you have their patterns down its a fun challenge of coming up with coolest or quickest way to blaze through your enemies with your replay being played as normal speed at the end for you to sit back and enjoy (even though the repetative SUPER HOT can get annoying) with a nice little ending and an awesome outro track which has now made its way into my daily gaming playlist.

9/10 – Blazing through enemies, dodging bullets, throwing your rifle at a bad guy and catching his samurai sword mid air to cut him down to size never felt so fun.



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