Star Wars – Battlefront

YouTube: Let’s Play – Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is a beautiful looking game, although far from a sequel to the original battlefront series of games it stands out on its own. I first played when the beta arrived and fell in love with it, its true though that some of the more fun weapons like the cycle rifle where pretty much nerfed when the game was actually released i quickly found other ways to enjoy the game than hiding ontop of an AT-AT and sniping people from a few miles away, mostly playing Walker Assault and Heroes vs Villains i find myself immersed in the Star Wars universe one shotting stormtroopers with Princess Leia or slicing up rebel scum as Darth Vader it has enough to keep me playing, at times i find myself replaying the same 2 maps alot as there isnt too much choice yet but thats been slowly changing, but the choice to play on dedicated servers running just your favourite maps is none existent, it would be a nice addition in a future update though as i sometimes find myself joining my favourite map only to see the game end withing 2minutes and going into a map change. But overall ive gotten my moneys worth already for sure.

8/10 – I would give it an 8 but the constant updates nerfing some weapons is annoying aswell as the mentioned lack of dedicated servers with dedicated maps.




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