Batman : A Telltale Series : Ep1

9/10 – JaxDagger
7.5/10 – IGN
8/10- TrustedReviews
6/10 – VideoGamer


E3 Conference 2016 – EA

-Electronic Arts- The E3 conference this year kicked off with EA, known for bringing us such titles as Battlefront 2016 and FIFA and various other sports titles aswell as the Battlefield games from DICE, this year unvieled whats in store from them in the next coming year, its started off with Titanfall 2 : Trailer…

Just Cause 3

8/10 – JaxDagger
5.9/10 – IGN
4/5 –
3.5/5 – Metacritic

Just cause 3 was much better than i was expecting, after playing just cause 2 and enjoying it a little i was worried the controls would still be as bad as the previous game but it seems its come a long way since the second game, the controls are much more fluid and less sudden, aiming can still be a problem when playing with a controller but a mouse soon sorts that out if you are playing on PC for the big shoot out sections of the game…

DOOM – 2016

7/10 – JaxDagger
7/10 – IGN
4/5 – Metacritic
8/10 – Trusted Reviews

The lastest release of DOOM was quite a nice little surprise, i originally planned on just making a 10 minutes video for YouTube and then coming back to it at somepoint but i couldnt put it down for a good hour or two and even when i did it was only due to already having a 36 hours marathon of gaming…………………


9/10 – JaxDagger
7.5/10 –
4/5 – Metacritic
9/10 – polygon

Superhot was a nice little surprise, i remember coming across the alpha or beta a good year or so back and enjoying it but the finished game is a nice change from the typical………

Star Wars – Battlefront

8/10 – JaxDagger
8/10 –
3.5/5 – Metacritic
7/10 – Trusted Reviews

Star Wars Battlefront is a beautiful looking game, although far from a sequel to the original battlefront series of games it stands out on its own………

Undertale ♥

10/10 – JaxDagger
10/10 –
4.5/5 – Metacritic
10/10 -Destructoid

at first glance i didnt think it would be for me as im not always a huge fan of RPG style games, but pretty quickly i realised that this was going to be another “to the moon” style………………

The Walking Dead – Escapists

6/10 – JaxDagger
6.5/10 – Metacritic
3.5/5 – Escapist
4/5 – Impulse Gamer

Merging the smash hit indie game The Escapists with the world wide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead, Team17……

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Arcade Game

10/10 – JaxDagger
6.7/10 –
8.6/10 – TrueAchievements
3/10 – Eurogamer (booo)

This was always a little favourite of mine, i remember going away with the family to a ………

Fallout 4

TBA/10 – JaxDagger
9.5/10 –
9.5/10 – Polygon
4/5 – Metacritic

In the post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts area, you play as the the “Sole Survior” of Vault 111, recently revived from centuries of forced cryostasis, determined to find…………